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Generate attention and exposure for your work in front of our sophisticated audience.  

Our audience has grown to over 25k unique monthly visitors and almost 4k active followers on Instagram. Better yet - a majority of our audience is made up of executives and scholars in the communications space. We allow our contributors to use our community as a platform for promoting their ideas to an audience that most likely to react to those ideas, share those ideas, and express interest in learning more about those ideas. 

  • No back-and-forth with editors. We allow our contributors to submit content and we publish it exactly as-is, so long as it's compliant with our Contributor Guidelines.
  • We promote our contributors for free. Our team promotes the PR Professor platform out of our own pocket. Furthermore, all contributors can include links to where interested readers can purchase their work or read more, whether that be on Amazon or a personal site.
  • Our blog-style format allows readers to Comment & Share. By creating a space where academics can engage with the professionals interested in their work, we hope to increase the real-world impact that the academic community can have on the industry.


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