The Real Don Draper - A Father of Modern Advertising

If you're a fan of the show Mad Men, you know that David Ogilvy is one of the real-life inspirations behind the legendary main character Don Draper. Also, if you're not a fan of Mad Men, you should be. Also, if you do anything that involves selling your ideas to people, and you haven't read any of David Ogilvy's works yet... why?

Ogilvy, known by industry vets as the father of advertising, was in equal parts a creative genius and a data scientist. An unprecedented synergy of left brain and right brain. Some of his most resounding and lasting works include branding Rolls-Royce at the forefront of automotive luxury, rebranding the entire country of Puerto-Rico as a culturally-rich upscale destination, and establishing Dove as the top soap retailer in the U.S. He attributed his success to a combination of creativity and meticulous research on consumer habits. But mostly the latter.

Lucky for us, Ogilvy is a straight shooter and zero-fluff kind of guy. With chapters titles like 'How to get clients' and 'How to make TV commercials that sell', he's only focused on telling us what we want to know - nothing more, nothing less. No sentence should be overlooked here. 

I speak so highly of this work because it's one of those magnetic books that revitalizes your love, excitement and passion for effective and brilliant communications. Reading Ogilvy's work, you get this sense that he's your boss playing the role of your mentor giving you words of advice. You know he expects nothing but the best from you after telling you his secrets and insights. It makes you want to put down the book and get to work - but you keep reading on.

Part of my intentions with the PR Professor platform is to make reading books desirable and sexy again. I'm a true believer that anyone who has to think for a living ought to have a personal book collection or library. If you don't, there's no better time to start than immediately. Right now, my collection is admittedly pretty small - spanning just two shelves. But in the years to come, I plan to dedicate one room in my home to be my study/library/reading room. As I continue to create and share my content, I'll be spotlighting a few more of the most important books for all communicators. I hope my insights can provide the spark of curiosity that leads to action, learning, and growth.

Follow the link below to order your hardcopy of Ogilvy on Advertising.