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The PR Professor Manifesto

The Communications Industry has a Problem: People who work in the communications industry don't read the work of academics in their field. They view it as time-consuming and the practical applications aren't clear enough.

The PRProfessor Solution: Make it as easy as possible for communications professionals to understand the newest and biggest academic ideas by breaking it down into easily digestible short-form content.

Historically, communicators have been practicing a craft that shapes the way we see the world. Each year, these communicators come closer to being able to understand how their craft works on the physical, social, and psychological level. The business of controlling perception is tremendously complex - it appears both as an art and a science.

Unfortunately, it appears that there has been a deep and tangible rift between the professionals who practice communications at the highest executive levels and the academics who critically analyze communications. Academics at the forefront of communications and media publish work that is systematically ignored by practitioners, and the results are monumental blunders. On the other hand, the few executives who base their strategies on the work of these academics are the minds behind some of the world's best communications campaigns

Fortunately, public relations as we know it is in the midst of an unprecedented industry transformation due to new technology, communications channels, and the dispersal of public trust. Small agencies are dying out and big agencies are consolidating because PR can no longer be practiced as it always has been. Many see this as the death of PR, but I see it as a rebirth that opens a realm of incredible opportunities for brands, agencies, and consumers. The big guys no longer makes the rules. Connections don't matter anymore. There is no more comfort zone. Executives who don't know how to react to all these changes are being let go en-masse. Small and savvy practitioners, who listen to the academics and embrace change, are taking down the Goliaths in their path.

Looking forward, in 5 years from now the PR and communications industry will look absolutely nothing like it looked like 5 years ago. For entrepreneurs, students, agencies, consultants, thought-leaders, and consumers alike - embracing these changes is a sink or swim predicament. In these challenging and exciting times, there is no better source of insight, stability, guidance, and competitive edge than understanding the ideas of the academics who dedicate their careers to analyzing these changes.

With each post, I promise to diligently read and analyze a major idea by a recognized academic in the communications field. I will then consolidate the major idea into a short-form post so that you can understand it as fast as possible. I will always cite my academic source so that you can go and obtain the full material for yourself if you find that the idea is applicable to anything you do.