11/6 - Opel Automotive v. Papa Johns

Opel, the massive Eurpoean automaker, proves to all digital skeptics once and for all that digital attention is the new international currency. Rather than spending millions on an international ad camapaign (like everyone else), they sparked off a series of viral phenomena for the price of just a few cars. This is the first instance of online views ever being used as a form of real currency - I expect to see a lot more of this tactic being used in the near future.

Papa John's takes a big loss this week with an embarrassing PR blunder where the CEO scapegoats the blame for falling sales on the NFL protesting controversy. CEO John Schnatter quickly became the butt of jokes from the late night comedy circuit this week due to the evasive and controversial claims he made on a dismal earnings call. Schnatter broke 2 cardinal rules of Public Relations - always accept responsibility as a corporate leader and never get your company intertwined in divisive politics.

Daniel Pantelo